Red In The Water



I love it when she awakens.
When I can feel her ready to begin.
She, who picks up the scattered pieces of a broken routine like a party she threw last night.
She, who lights a candle for every occasion.
She, who saves a petal from every rose.
She, who pushes through the fog of doubt and savors rain in a different form.
She, who dares to lose herself a hundred times in the same song.
She, who immortalizes her wounds and reckons with only the real truth-
That everything comes back to you.
I love it when she’s willing to go inside herself and glow.
She, who loves the sadness of strangers and the warmth of the familiar.
She, who marries her pen and her ink-stained hands.
She, who is draped around a world of silk chiffon.
I love it when she awakens.
I love it when she comes